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London Chamber of Commerce Production Diary

London Chamber of Commerce Production Diary

On this edition of “Production Diaries”, we take a look at the work we did for The London Chamber of Commerce. LC Productions worked with the Chamber last year, and there are a lot of interesting things we did to create their corporate video.

How did you start doing business with the chamber of commerce?

Derek: LC Productions joined the London Chamber of Commerce last year. We joined because we thought it would be a great opportunity to meet other local businesses in London and get a feel for a different variety of businesses in the London area. From there, we saw that the London Chamber could use video marketing to help engage and attract new businesses, so we approached them with the idea of doing videos to promote the London Chamber.

How did you come up with the idea for the video?

The purpose of the video was to attract new members. So the message behind the video needed to showcase why businesses should join the Chamber of Commerce. When writing the storyboard and script for the video, we needed to keep in mind the people watching the video. So what we decided to do was to interview different members of the chamber from different sectors to be a part of the video so they could share their story about how the chamber helped them

What were some of the difficulties that you had while shooting and editing the video?

One of the first challenges we faced when we started this project was scheduling. The business owners that partook in the video were all busy individuals with busy schedules, and we needed to have them all together in one day for the interview to get the information we needed.

What were some of the things that you liked about this project the most?

One of my favourite things about working in this project was my connection to the London Chamber of Commerce. I learned a lot about different organizations and committees in the chamber that I didn’t know about before. Since then, LC Productions has joined some of the committees in the chamber. It was also interesting to hear these individuals and how their business have been impacted by the chamber.

 The meaning behind connecting with other people before trying to sell them a product was a key concept. One of the key phrases that really connected with me was something Andrew Schiestel, executive VP of tbk creative, said. He said “To be successful is not based on how much money you make, but finding success within and making a difference. That’s what success really is.”

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